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    Which tools do you find help you the most as a tester? Not testing specific tools but other generic tools. Could be a simple video recorder or sticky notes or anything else


    physical sticky notes
    mind mapping software
    windows screen grabber


    Microsoft word, Spell checking, word count and grammatical error checking


    Google docs, sheets, drawings
    mind mapping tools



    greasemonkey & tempermonkey

    Full Screen Capture for Chrome


    EditThisCookie Chrome Extension

    Awesome Image generator.




    @abir11khan Byte Counter and Text Compare are two great little tools. Good suggestions. How often do you use them?

    @cyildirim Postman is getting a lot of praise and seems to be growing in popularity. That Wave.webaim tool is great. Seems really useful for site testing.


    Really useful tools there. I have already started using a few like the full web page capture on Chrome.
    Mind Mapping Software is next on the list.

    Thanks all. More suggestions are always welcome 🙂


    Mind Mapping Software is next on the list.

    Here’s a collection of mindmaps about testing.


    Katalon Studio – enhances Selenium and Appium with a complete test automation framework that helps you start testing in no time.

    Let’s try!


    A really useful tool that’s built into Windows is Steps Recorder. You just set it off to record and it will take screenshots as you go and record where you clicked or typed both visually and in text form. It also records screen names and program versions. and stores it all in a zipped mht file. Other than starting it, stopping it and saving the file, the user doesn’t have to do a thing. Potentially very handy


    Here are the some testing tools which make testing easily…….
    The Concept of Test Execution Tools In Software Testing


    Came across another tool: gyazo.com
    It is a free program to capture 7 sec gifs of your screen. Very easy to use and a link of the gif is created that you can share with others
    Very handy when you want to record the defect steps (that are not very long)


    We tried Kualitee for our test management activities and still using it.


    Would like to add a handy freeware tool for comparing three files in parallel .i.e DiffMerge



    If you are using JIRA, there is a helpful plugin called Capture which lets you easily grab screenshots and annotate and attach them to JIRA tickets.



    QA tools and requirements table

    12 tools, 8 requirements. Purple means the tool meets the requirement.

    We’ve recently tested 12 tools for web software testing and summed up the results in this table. Details on the research in this article:



    Asana is a very good productivity tool that can help you keep a track of your tasks and stay organized (not just for an individual, but also as a team)


    I really get a lot of help from something like “Agent Ransack”


    A very nice tool to search easily in data


    – Fiddler: excellent tool that I use frequently for analyzing HTTP/HTTPS requests
    – pgAdmin: easy to use tool for accessing and handling data in DBs
    – Postman as already mentioned before on this topic
    – Notepad++
    – gliffy diagrams in JIRA: nice web tool when dealing with documentation for test cases, scenarios, workflows, system architecture etc.
    – XML formatter: online and browser add-ons
    – Base64 encoding / decoding
    – Greenshot for screenshots
    – Text compare


    – XML formatter: online and browser add-ons https://www.freeformatter.com/xml-formatter.html%5B/quote%5D

    Nice tool .. I was not aware a tool like this exists. It surely saves a lot of time.



    http://automateyourtests.com is a free automated functional testing tool for web applications, which I have participated in developing.

    You should be able to execute your own custom-written proof-of-concept test suite 10 minutes after downloading it, that’s how little learning curve I’d like there to be.


    Here is an article about what bug tracker is, how to choose bug tracker you really need, and of course, the main advantages and weak points of the different bug tracking software  Best bug tracking software





    Number one tool/s – communication related:

    Face-to-face discussion preferable with pm/po/ba/dev/client/stakeholders/and so on..Useful tools to facilitate that can be printed product schema or flows, some task boards online or offline, a meeting room with or without projector, white board, tools related to the discussion itself..

    Using other means to facilitate that: skype for business, skype, google talk, outlook e-mails, mobile or conference room calls.

    To help with collaboration: demos with screen sharing probably windows remote desktop, skype or team-viewer share, team-viewer or windows remote desktop for investigations and remote work.

    There are also a lot of tools helpful for other things. But they aren’t the most as you asked in the first topic message.

    There are tools other are using(ba/pm/devs) and tools the tester finds and needs for himself/his work, like test planning, test execution, test examinations/investigations/analysis, tools for monitoring, tools for reporting/managing sessions. But that’s a different topic.


    Snipping Tool in Windows for partial screenshots ,

    ShareX for full screenshots,

    Ditto clipboard manager,


    Edit this cookie plugin for Chrome.



    Tools are very helpful for software testing, it is the one of most useful part of the testing. there are many tools like
    test management tool
    static test tool
    test design tool
    test specification tool
    dynamic analysis tool
    these are the most useful tools in testing.
    [link removed /mod]



    For mindmaps :


    A Chrome extension for dummy emails:

    Mailinator Popup

    Easy GIF screen recording tool:



    I would like to add “Agent ransack” an extremely speedy alternative to classical windows search to find any file inside your computer / hard drive.

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