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    So .. the part of convincing the BOSS that you should go to EuroSTAR 2016 .. (or any other) starts now. One part obviously is the program: talks, workshops etc – and how they fit in with the company’s needs*. But even if you don’t know the program details yet, you can still outline HOW:

    When I come back from EuroSTAR 2016 I will:
    – Make the slides available for all interested
    – Hold an overview talk about the people I met
    – Hold Lunch&Learn / Brown bag sessions on special selected talks
    – Do a demo of a new tool or technique
    – BLOG before, during and after (internally?
    – TWEET before during and after ( or use SLACK)

    What else can / have you done?
    *: https://jlottosen.wordpress.com/2013/09/12/conference-for-business/

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