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    I am an IT student, I just graduated. And my job every day at the company is to check the bug of the game. I’ve been working for over a year, I’m starting to feel bored. Should I retire from a company and find a job that suits me?


    Indeed it’s better to find a job you won’t be bored with. But have you checked if you are ready for the next job, what do you know, are you prepared to answer interview questions? I advise to check that first, “on a shore”, and start your journey to the next job only when you are sure that you are prepared.

    Also, if you made some connections in the company, you may ask them if there is a better job for you.


    Well, it is pretty nice, that you have got job, which you like) Of course, if you get great money on it, that is prerfect) For me, the best part is my friends from job – it is always fun to spend time with them, not onlu outside, but at work itself. Team building is great)


    Doing repetitive tasks over a period of time could make anyone sick unless they enjoy doing it. I would like to suggest you to do some research and employ different techniques in your daily life of testing. Which not only helps you to find a better solution but also it equips yourself to become a quality tester. Thereby you can start to add more skills and once you are good at it, you can even try to up-sell your skills to your customers and increase your value.

    And of course its always up to you to decide if you want to stay or to leave for your betterment. All the very best to you 🙂


    You are an IT student, you just graduated. I think that every job has its charm and you will accumulate more experience so that in the future can find better job mottj.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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