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    On my mobile developer career it was always hard to control which layout changes was made before a release. Sometimes the changes isn’t good enough to product team or has some info that mustn’t be there. Do you remember of Nissan developer busted for copying code from stack overflow?
    The process to control the changes is very massive. Usually is like either open the app screen by screen and simulate an user or see screenshots of UI tests one by one and compare them. It is specially hard to small teams because this process waste too much time.
    I’m creating the LayoutDiff to help my team control layout changes effortlessly and integrated with development process improving the accuracy of quality assurance and getting fast visual feedbacks.
    To know more about it click on the below link:
    The first open source project is free and i’ll give 50% off and free trial for who send a PM for me with the created account e-mail address!
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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