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    1. Which has a better career, Selenium with Python or Selenium with Java?
    2. Which is widely used and why?
    3. Which is powerful?


    @gohar, I am not a Selenium expert, but If you want to start with selenium you can start with a language that you think you can have more help from your surroundings like with a language that your development team uses.

    Learning a programming language is not a very short term process, you have to have good help and patience.


    @alexsiminiuc might be able to answer this for you. He writing the Selenium series on the Huddle currently.


    Thank you @ronan 🙂 I will contact with him 🙂


    Career wise I would go with Java.
    Java is more used in commercial applications than Python and so you can integrate better with development.

    Which is more widely used is more difficult to answer. My guess will be Java for the reasons stated above, but Python is much easier to learn and understand for non programmers.

    They are both powerful (as is C# for that matter). The functionality of Selenium does not change with the programming language.
    The programming language is used to code test functions for example in a Cucumber – Selenium – Java/C#/Python stack.
    So, if I want to test a login field I will use code to get the field from the Selenium Web driver and perform some actions on it.
    I will then use the Web Driver to collect the results and again code will determine if the results are conform expectations.


    1. Which has a better career, Selenium with Python or Selenium with Java?

    The better career would have you learn a programming language well, and independently of Selenium. Because you are going to want to write code to a high standard and create good abstraction layers. You will develop that skill by learning a programming language well and learning design skills.

    You might be looking for ‘which will get me a job fastest’? And for that you could see answer to question 2 below.

    I know people using WebDriver with Java, .Net and Ruby but not many using Python.

    If you are learning this for you own development then choose the programming language you find easier to learn.

    I personally think that Java and .Net are easier for beginners to learn than Python since the IDE will help and the syntax error checking is done at compile time rather than runtime.

    It also depends who you have access to, when you are learning. Perhaps you could use the programming language that you or the developers use at work so you can get help from the people you work with. And what books/online training you have access to.

    I think there is probably more information available about using Selenium with Java, than with Python. But again – have a look at the material out there and see which you understand most readily then follow that path..

    2. Which is widely used and why?

    Both are widely used.

    Do you have a target employer in mind? Or a target industry? If so, use the one which the company or industry sector seem to use most.

    Thing is, when you learn to code well, you can pick up other languages fairly quickly.

    3. Which is powerful?

    Both are powerful. Both work well with Selenium. Both have a very extensive library eco-system so you can do pretty much anything you want in either.


    hey @gohar! The @eviltester got the points in my opinion and I would add: IT DEPENDS 😀 it depends on what project you work on. If you already code then it is not so important what do you choose until there are some project-specific criteria.
    It’s hard to give just the advice: go Python, or go Java.
    Python is high-level language so looks easier, but in fact you need better understand what is going on “under the carpet” there. Java seems to be still more widely used. But Selenium works good with both 🙂

    I would suggest another thing: maybe you need something abother than Selenium 😮 ?



    There are tons of statistics you can base your choice on, career wise, e.g. http://stackoverflow.com/research/developer-survey-2016

    Java looks like the ‘safe’ choice.
    It’s not entirely binary, I personally think, because its high-level, Python allows cleaner code, but also easier to make mistakes in…
    I’m therefore convinced, by learning python you’d eventually become a better java programmer.

    I’d also base my choice on the rest of my team.
    I’ve set up Selenium with Ruby, Java and JavaScript for different teams. The team’s background always played a key role in making the choice.
    If you have people who are already familiar with one language and aren’t easily picking up a new one, go for that language.
    Careerwise, this is good to consider. If others are able to pick your work, you can grow into other positions.

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