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    I want to collect some data about how you might have had to reinvent yourself in your testing career — whether voluntarily or through a downsize or reorg.

    I’m doing a workshop about reinvention at EuroStar and it would be cool to get some real experiences.

    For example, in my 5 years at eBay, I have had 6 different roles, but all in quality.

    Each move involved a new sense of what testing and quality was. Sometimes the choice was made for me and I had to adapt. Other times, the move was my decision to expand into something I wanted to do. Either way, I had to figure out how to create value in my roles – – which were all meant to eventually create value to customers.

    Do you have a similar path? Did you have to redefine or reframe your testing role in some way?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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