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    It’s a new year. So have you set yourself any testing goals for 2016?

    Is speaking at a testing Conference one of them?

    If you are thinking about submitting to a testing event to speak, we are Test Huddle have the perfect event for you.

    On Thursday 21st January EuroSTAR 2016 Chair, Shmuel Gershon and 2015 Chair Ruud Teunissen will be discussing the best strategy’s to get your submission accepted.

    Shmuel and Ruud will discuss some of the myths and try take away some of the mystery of how the submission process works and discuss:

    What a successful submission looks like
    What should you include in a submission (and what should you not include)
    How to frame your submission around the Conference theme

    So if you are interested in attending you can register and find out more here.

    IF you have any questions you would like to ask Ruud and Shmuel, feel free to post them below.


    The event will be streamed live on Thursday here

    I will share the link if you want to join the Hangout and discuss anything with Ruud and Shmuel.




    I have an existing talk(s) and workshops that have been accepted (and rejected) by other conferences.

    Many elements of these talks might fit with the conference theme, but not all. How would you suggest tailoring the submission to suit EuroStar?



    Hi, @ronan
    Unfortunately I missed the discussion with Shmuel and Ruud about submitting to speak at Eurostar. Are there any notes from this discussion? Cheers!


    @andrei-domuta I’m afraid there was no notes as it was a discussion rather than a presentation soi nothing prepared for the Hangout except the talking points. The Good news is that you can watch the whole hangout back here.

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