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    Hello my name is Khairani Malau from Del Institute of Technology.
    I want to ask, what are the tools that can be used for the implementation of generating test cases using genetic algorithm?

    Is there a source that can be used for learning related to generating test cases using genetic algorithm?

    I hope someone can help, thankyou.


    An example could be pairwise testing  a a combinatorial method of software testing that, for each pair of input parameters to a system (typically, a software algorithm), tests all possible discrete combinations of those parameters.





    Thankyou Mr Jesper,
    before that, i have been read paper about path testing for test case generation using genetic algorithm. From that paper, implementation using matlab, but i confused to implement that algorithm for non-numeric input.
    I need resource to help me for implement that algorithm.



    Search for “test case generation using genetic algorithm” and you will find scholars work on this research. Perhaps those papers can help you with further examples and specific answers.

    here is one PDF on the topic: Automatic Test Case Generation Using Genetic Algorithm around specifically Boundary Values: “Boundary value analysis works well in programs where the program is function of several independent variables that represent bounded physical quantities”. These are inherently mathematical and numbers based. Like the length of an input/array.




    Thankyou Mr Jesper,
    Before that, i’ve been read that papers.
    And i want to implement that using MATLAB tools, i confused about step to implementing in MATLAB.
    I’ve looking from youtobe about tutorial, and i can’t found a complete tutorial about that.
    I want to implement that algorithm using non-numeric input such as Shedule, Space and other. I need the toturial to implement that algorithm. Because i should get the information about generate test case from the path.

    Thankyou ,

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