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    Yulia Sidorova

    I need to write test cases on functionality! I guess It’s easy but I have no idea what should I do! Please help me! I’ve been given this testing task by my dream company that I want so bad to work for!

    To implement web-service which will provide SOAP/HTTP interface for UI application. Web-service should return in response concatenated value of first name + last name found by user id provided in request to the service. Information about users is stored in database

    USERS table with columns: User_id (number, PK), First_name (varchar2(50), nullable=true) Last_name (varchar2(50), nullable=false)

    Mark Kiernan

    There isn’t a great deal of information here, but I think the first test case would be to test successful connection to the DB. Then move on to a test case that tests the ability to input information in different formats.

    What do you guys thing?


    There seems to be some answers in the provided database table info.

    1. As said before, test a normal call to check connectivity. Ask for one UserID get concatenated first_name and last_name back.
    2. Test a connection with a non existant user ID to check that the application handles this.
    3. Investigate what happens when you try connecting with invalid user ID. Like characters/special signs/null. Database model states that User ID has to be a number so the webbservice has to handle this.
    4. Try connecting to get a user that has no first name (Database states that First_name may be null)
    5 Try connecting with User ID that is MAX INT
    6. Try connecting with a USer ID that is NULL

    are some tests I can think of. There are probably more.

    Ronan Healy

    Have you solved your problem @yulia-sidorova?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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