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    So it’s Tuesday already. Yesterday we had the tutorials. Today it the start of the Main Conference kicking off with the keynotes by Liz Keogh.

    How are you enjoying it so far? Let us know.


    It’s a really interesting experience to arrive at a coonference and within an hour beeing able to shake hands with someone who’s blog you follow, a former teacher and a handful of people you’ve met before.

    I also attended the first keynote wth Liz Keogh and it was fantastic. It’s always great to get an outside perspective at what you do and in this case it was a great perspective mixed with a lot of humor (repeat after me: We are all evil!)

    Paul Coynes track session “Where Steve Jobs went wrong” was also a great speech with many great points on how the tester role is developing.


    Will the future of the tester role be one of the big “talk abouts” or as we say in Swedish “Snackis” of this years EuroSTAR?

    What do you think?


    Anne-Mette Hass offered up a great talk about introverts and extroverts. did you see it? Have you seen something else that’d great and want to share?


    Day ended With keynote by Harry Collins. I found it good but a bit long winded. Still a good talk. Do you agree?




    The Book  Swap is in full swing in the Expo. Have you got a book to swap? Browse the collection and take one if you would like it.

    Liz Keogh really set a mark with her keynote.

    Liz Keogh really set a mark with her keynote.


    I’ve got too many photos to post them here, I cannot decide 😀 But I can share them with you in any way after the event 🙂

    That’s amazing thing to be in EuroSTAR! Thank you guys!!! <3


    Here are some pictures from day 2


    Programme chair Shmuel Gershon started of with the story on how they found the old man who created the best testing conference ever. the man “mumbled something about life choices and WiFi coverage”.


    Liz Keoghs keynote. In my opinion Thebes speech of the conference.


    Anne-Mette Hass gave great tips for introverts and extroverts alike.

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