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    Ronan Healy

    The Call for submissions are now open for EuroSTAR 2015 in Maastricht.

    TEST Huddle was only in its infancy at the CAll for Submissions last year but this year, you as a member of the community can contribute to the shape of the programme.

    Do you have your own experts in the testing community that you would draw inspiration from?

    Who would you describe as someone in testing that has inspired you in your field?

    If you are a former attendee at EuroSTAR, was there a speaker that you would love to hear speak again?

    Share with us your own suggestions for EuroSTAR 2015


    I would love to see Paul Gerrard actually speak, and sadly this year I missed James Christie!
    I saw Lisa Crispin at Testbash and would like to hear more from her, as well as Alex Schladebeck from this year!

    Furthermore I would like to see Rob Lambert again as well as Julian Harty.


    First of all I could wish for the conference aiming at adding business value to the companies and people attending.
    The attendees have to bring back real training and skills that matter to the practical problems and strategies they face. This will make it easier to get funding, and make it more practical afterwards to implement the lessons learned. …I wrote about Aligning business strategy and conference selection here (in 2013)

    Some conferences have Work shop or training days both before and after: GOTO conferences, Test Bash, Copenhagen Context – while others have longer practical sessions (like Let’s Test Sweden and Agile Testing Days). Not to change the format of Euro Star, but to push it towards the talks and presentations bringing home the butter… already up front in the program selection. Perhaps changing sponsor presentations into “hands-on” sessions of the tools they provide will make a case for those companies seeking initial tool training.

    Besides that – diversity, friends and world piece. …
    (TTYL I have to write up my reply to the Call for papers)


    I’d like Eurostar to encourage greater diversity in their conference line up. Its not that you guys don’t do a great job already, but in my mind, a major element of community is people who foster growth, and what no better way than to allocate a speaking spot to someone who hasn’t spoken before?

    I’ve started an irish initiative called to encourage diversity at tech conferences. Would Eurostar be interested in being part of this program?



    I love the hands on tool approach! As much as it may be a sales pitch but some tools I was actually interested in trying out at the conference!

    Also I love the idea of being able to talk for the first time. The soapbox idea of this year eurostar worked well I thought but it can be nerve wrecking for inexperienced speakers. 🙂

    Ronan Healy

    @kim Ruud Teunissen, the Conference Chair was visiting us this week in the office and I thought he said something very apt about submitting: The worst thing that could happen is that you get accepted!


    ¡Hello @Anne-Marie!

    Though I am aware it may be a little bit overdue to respond to your message, here goes my response:

    Having seen and read your comment I couldn’t help to notice that our mindsets are quite alike. Please, bear in mind that this is me speaking on my behalf and none else’s point of view, it is my belief that diversity in speakers, in backgrounds and in experiences does bring value and fosters growth, at least, that has been my experience and what I’ve been (and currently am) after to grow my career, also, I am up to share my very own experiences with other people, who knows, maybe whatever I have stumbled upon and used to come out smarter from, could prove beneficial and helpful for someone else, right? 🙂

    I would like to know, whom would you like to see in a future EuroSTAR conference as a speaker? Maybe sharing names of potential speakers would bring value with ideas to contact people and have speakers onboard.

    ¡Thank you!



    Hi guys,
    first of all, I am on the same page as Jesper. Workshops, Training would be awesome. Also I would like to hear following speachers :

    Robert Galen / Mary Thorn ( 3 Pillars Talk )
    Rachel Davies
    Mike Sutton
    Lisa Crispin
    Cirilo Wortel ( He had one of the best talks in Agile Testing Day NL, but I missed it)
    Jan Jaap Cannegieter
    Dan Ashby
    Tom Roden / Ben Williams ( Testmanagement )


    Ronan Healy

    @Camal That’s some great ideas there. The good news is you only have to wait until April 9th when the programme will be launched to see which of your favourite sessions and speakers have made the programme.

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