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    Anyone for a 5km run the Sunday before EuroSTAR commences?!I have been very lucky to attend the last three EuroSTAR’s in Manchester, Amsterdam and Gotthenburg. The one regret I have is not taking the time to explore each of the cities while i had the chance. This year EuroSTAR is my home town of Dublin and I’m inviting you to come and explore with me.

    Why a 5km run?! Well EuroSTAR is known for its early starts and late night discussions so sometimes a bit of exercise is required to offset the abundance of food and drink that is available during the conference. Also, a run helps clear the head and prepare the mind.

    So what’s the route?! Well the plan is to meet outside the Dublin Convention Centre – your home for the next four days. We will get the LUAS (pronounced ‘Lewis’, hence the local kickname ‘Daniel Day’) tram a few stops to Heuston Train Station. From here you will see the back of the Guinness factory and Collins Barracks which is home to the National Museum of Ireland. We will start the run from here and run up to the gates of the Phoenix Park. Now, the Celtic Tiger era can be referred to, among other things, the time that Architecture forgot. However, we did manage to produce a handful of stunning buildings. One of these is the Courts of Justice building just at the entrance to the Phoenix Park. It’s a sight to behold. We will run into what is without a doubt one of Europe’s, if not the Worlds, most beautiful city parks. The park is 352 years old and was originally a Royal Deer Park. We have since dropped the Royal’s but happily the deer still remain to roam around the park. The park is also home to Dublin Zoo, the official residence of the President of Ireland (currently President Michael D. Higgins) and the American Ambassador’s residence is also in situ. Each of these is visible as we run up the main road known as Chesterfield Avenue. We will take a left at the Phoenix Monument and run into a wide open area which you will be able to see the deer and a large cross known as the Papal Cross. It marks the spot in 1979 when Pope John Paul II said mass in front of 1,000,000+ people. The area provides a great view of the Dublin mountains which are South of the city. We will run down the winding road aknown as the ‘S’ bends along the southern park wall and pop out on the main road at the Wellington Monument. From here it’s a short run back to the tram and we will join the EuroSTAR team at the Ferryman for the kickoff of the conference. It’s a good spot to get a hot whiskey after our run.

    Important information:What to wear?! It’s all about layers in November when running in Dublin. Wear a few warm layers which are comfortable to run in and a hat and gloves. Depending on the weather forecast you may need a rain jacket.
    What to bring?! Please bring 5 Euro for a return ticket on the tram.
    What pace will we be running?! We need to stick together and i will be telling you the history & stories as we run so probably won’t be setting any Olympic standard times!!!
    What time are we meeting?! 3pm on Sunday outside the Dublin Convention Centre. Please be on time. The evenings close in very fast at this time of year.
    Where do I sign-up?!: http://www.eurostarconferences.com/attend-eurostar-conferences/social-events
    Useful Links:

    If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

    Have a safe trip to Dublin!!! I’m looking forward to meeting you all 🙂

    Ronan Healy

    @Claire Sounds like a bit of craic! I’ll be there. I have never ran in the Phoenix Park so am looking forward to it.
    From what I hear, there is rumours of a few surprises for participants of the run, that’s a good incentive to take part!
    And there is the post-run recovery drink in the Ferryman to look forward to afterwards as well.


    @Claire and Ronan,

    I’m traveling out from the US and am definitely looking forward to both Eurostar and the run. I definitely run for fun and fitness, not speed so I’m looking forward to a scenic event, no worries on not being Olympic speed 🙂

    What do you think the average temp will be? I’m trying to decide whether to bring just a rain jacket and long sleeve tech fabric shirt, or also layer on a warmer fleece layer in addition
    thanks and cheers!

    Ronan Healy

    @kelly I would say it depends on the day. That helps! Weather changes hourly here! The average temperature is about 10 °C (50 °F) here at this time of year so depends what you are used to. I usually get by in a long-sleeved top and light jacket. If you are used to warmer climate, wear a fleece.

    As I am based on the (very wet) west coast @claire might be able to give you a better idea of what the weather is like generally for Dublin.


    Ok so I’ve registered for the race, here in Cape Town winters, we run with shorts and a long top, and then jump in the pool afterwards. Sounds like I’m in for a real shocker!

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