Community Choice

Nominate a speaker for #Esconfs 2016

This year has been a record breaking year for EuroSTAR with over 550 submissions to speak at the conference. Unfortunately, not everyone could make the programme as there is a limited number of speaking slots available.

However, one of these speaking slots is reserved especially for a TEST Huddle Community Member and it’s up to you to decide who it’ll be!

We want you to nominate a speaker who you think deserves to speak and would give a great session at the conference this Autumn. If you think that you’d be an ideal candidate, then nominate yourself!


The Prize

A speaking slot on Thursday of EuroSTAR 2016 (09:30 AM) for the winner and a ticket to the conference for one person who entered the competition by submitting themselves or someone else.

To Enter

Simply fill in the the attached ‘Nominate a Speaker’ form and tell us why you nominated this person.

Important Dates

Nominating a speaker: August 5th

Nominating yourself as a speaker: August 19th

Winner will be announced on Thursday 15th September on the Huddle blog.

The Judging

The Community Choice Award will be granted based on the results of a judging panel formed from members of the TEST Huddle community.  There is still time to join the judging team. Would you like to be part of the judging panel for the Community Choice? Find out more here.