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Currently TEST Huddle have a competition running for anyone that would like to speak at EuroSTAR 2016 or nominate someone that they believe deserves to get the opportunity to speak at the conference.

This speaking slot is reserved for one of the TEST Huddle community members. To decide the winner, we want the TEST Huddle community to assess the entries and tell us they think deserves that spot at EuroSTAR.


The Judging – How it Works!

The Community Choice Award will be granted based on the results of a judging panel formed from members of the TEST Huddle community. Based on the criteria below, members of the judging panel will be asked to assess the entries to the Competition.

Each member of the TEST Huddle Judging panel will conduct a review of a number of entries with each proposal distributed to a number of different reviewers. Based on the scoring on the criteria below, the aggregate scores will be counted for a final result.

We have a self-regulated “honour” system for reviews. We do ask that in the interest of fairness, if a judge recognises an entry from a friend or colleague that they are reviewing that they decline to score that submission. While it’s not the strongest regulation to control any instances of inflated scoring, we hope that community members will act honestly to bring the best representative of the community to present at TEST Huddle 2016.


The Judging Criteria

The entries will be judged on a number of criteria. Further details will be given to those on the judging panel. The main criteria used will include:

  • Engaging – Will the talk engage attendees, challenge thinking, provide inspiration or motivation
  • Original ideas or proposals – Is the suggested talk new or novel in it’s approach
  • Relevant to the Theme – Is the talk relevant to the theme of the Conference
  • Overall Perception – Does this talk make you want to see it now?



How to Take Part

If you are a member of TEST Huddle and would like to join the judging panel for this exciting Community initiative, then submit your details below.



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