Blogspy 223: Best Software Testing Blogs from the Last Week

A summary of the best software testing blogs this week with some of the most popular posts from the last week. This week the Huddle Blogspy Report brings you posts on Agile, test automation heuristics, how automation has affected testing and lots more.


Why I Hate Story Points | Darryn Downey

Darryn shares why he dislikes story points as part of Agile so much and how they have become a measure in themselves rather than what they represent.

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Test Automation Heuristic: Minimum Data | Chris McMahon

Chris explains why he creates only minimal valid records in the system and the benefits of using this minimal data to tackle bugs.

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The More Things Change… | Dave Nicolett

How will automation affect roles in software testing? Dave takes a look at the role of manual testers and compares their current roles to other roles in computing that have changed.

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Daily Scrum Meeting – Pitfalls and Negative Patterns | David Tzemach

Daily Scrum meetings are designed to be short, fast and efficient. However they can quickly spiral out of their original design. In this post David takes a look at what can go wrong with daily meetings.

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Benefits of Operating in Product-Mode | Martin Fowler

In the next instalment of a series on product-mode software development, Martin looks at the benefits of operating in product mode.

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Assertions Considered Harmful | Jeremias Rößler

What are the alternatives to Assertions as a checking mechanism in unit tests? In this post Jeremias looks at the role of Assertions and what other types of alternatives there are.

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