Blogspy 216: Round-Up of Software Testing Blog Posts

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It is another great edition of the Huddle Blogspy Report. We browse the most popular Testing blogs to bring you the best of Software Testing blog posts from the past week in software and software testing.  This week we feature posts on staying lean, How much UI Automation you need, API Testing and more.


API Testing – A Must For Agile Practices | Pavan Kumar

Application programming interface (API) has become more and more prevalent in technology and thus more common for software testers to test. Pavan takes a look at API testing and what it can actually provide to a Agile team.

Read More on API Testing here

What makes a test automation expert? | Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Maaret shares her thoughts on how we should define a test automation expert. Is it someone that can write code, has built a tool or should we be thinking about other factors?

Read More on What Makes An Automation Expert Here


7 Steps To Tackle Mobile App Development Challenges | Ray Parker

There are common problems that most app development teams come across when building mobile applications. How can these problems be fixed? In this post Ray examines the most common App development problems and how to tackle them.

Read More on Mobile App Development Challenges


3 Ways to Keep Your Tests Lean | Meaghan Lewis

Too many tests can cause more problems that solutions. This post looks at what happens when you have too many tests and why persuing quantity over quality for tests is not a good thing.

Read More on Keeping Tests Lean here


Being A Distributed Tester Was Hard | Chris Kenst

After the birth of a baby, Chris decided to work from home on a distributed team. In this post he shares how he found working in a distributed team to be a challenge for him and the problems that it can create.

Read More on Working in A Distributed Team Here


Email Validation Testing: How to Test the Email Functionality of an Application | Nandini K

Nandini shares how to test email functionality of an application including common scenarios and validation points for emails.

Read More on Email Validation Testing here


Headless testing with Firefox | Sławomir Radzymiński

Slawomir shares how to run Firefox in headless mode and run some tests with Selenium Webdriver.

Read More on Headless Testing here


How Much UI Automation Do You Need? | Justin Rohrman

Where does UI automation fit into your team’s testing strategy? Justin examines what you should be thinking about and how much UI Automation you really need.

Read More here
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