Using Emerging Technologies to Transform Customer Experience

Customers are at the forefront of any successful business, and so is technology. With computer science progressing at the speed of light, it becomes essential that each and every area of business operations utilises the complete spectrum of benefits of new technology. This helps businesses increase efficiency, drive up productivity, and drive down costs.

Emerging technologies of today power the customer experiences of tomorrow. The modern customer expects instant resolution to all of his/her queries. For instance, 90% of customers expect an immediate answer to customer service-related queries. Traditional call centre waiting loops have been swiftly put out of fashion, with chat and other media now at the forefront of customer experience.

Powering Analytics through Machine Learning

Today’s organisations run on data-millions of terabytes of data. To analyise tremendous amounts of data, technologies like machine learning are often put to good use. With the amount of data growing at the rate that it is currently, both IoT and ML must be augmented with the current data analytics processes to create a new and evolving customer experience.

Analysis of this data allows companies to uncover valuable insights about the behavior of their customers, and then make changes which result in positive customer experiences.

For instance, algorithms which can figure out patterns between customer satisfaction and services can be utilised to derive newer insights from already present data. With a projected 45000 exabytes of data produced by the world in 2020, it only makes sense that it is put to good use in enhancing customer experiences.

Improving Shopping Experiences using AR

Augmented and virtual reality are no longer limited to the realms of entertainment and gaming. With Apple releasing the ARKit in 2017, AR stamped its way into modern business with an aim of reinvigorating customer experiences across multiple realms.

One such application lies in improving the shopping experience of customers. Today, thanks to AR apps and kits, customers can experience a brand or product right in the comfort of their own homes, without having to get out and visit the store physically. Swedish giant IKEA’s Place app, for example, allows users to test and see how a certain piece of furniture would fit in their homes. Similarly, Lenskart allows users to try on thousands of different spectacle lens styles, using nothing but their phones, and get a taste of the augmented reality experience. AR and VR can be put to excellent use in enhancing customer shopping experiences, as has been already done by various giants of the sector. Not only this, shopping experience can be transformed at even the smallest level. In the developing countries, even small business owners are deploying GST billing software that is streamlining the business as well as transforming the shopping experience.

Location Based Computing

GPS has been around for more than one can remember now. Putting it to effective use, however, has only been done in recent times. More than ever before, people are walking with Location-enabled smartphones in their pockets. This represents an opportunity, a chance to make the most use of this information, presenting personalized services to consumers in the form of location based promotions and offers. Targeting customers in their vicinity can get businesses, especially local ones, an immense amount of leads, while improving the experience that customers indulge in. With targeted ads, customers will be much less bothered with content that they do not desire or that does not cater to their interests. Location information drives customer experiences in a positive manner, if used right.

Technology always presents an interesting opportunity for growth. The sector of customer experience is no different, with ML, GPS and AR providing chances for companies to one up the competition, and make their customers happier and satisfied.

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