STARring at EuroSTAR: You!

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Going to EuroSTAR 2016? Want to play a part in the experience for other Testers? Find out how as NAthalie guides you through the reasons for taking part in the EuroSTAR Huddle Soapbox session.



SoapBox at EuroSTAR

If you aren’t a speaker an exhibitor, part of the program committee, the huddle, the test lab or the clinic, than you’ll probably be at EuroSTAR to enjoy the tracks, do some testing in the lab and ‘confer’ during all the EuroSTAR community activities. But I bet that some of you have great ideas or have had an awesome experience that they wish they could have shared at the conference not only to the occasional other attendee, but to a broader audience… if only you could have been on the program…

Well, you can be! Maybe not on ‘the stage’ and maybe not for 40 minutes, but you can STAR at EuroSTAR too!  At the EuroSTAR community Huddle, adjacent to the test lab and in the middle of the Expo, you can grab a microphone and climb up the mini-stage called: Soapbox. For a maximum of 10 minutes you’ll be able to vent your ideas, your experience or just a story to the audience that will be in the expo during the breaks!

There might be some ‘ad-hoc’ slots available for you to take when you are there, but if you want to be certain of a spot on the soapbox in the Huddle, you can sign up beforehand too!

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