Software Testing News: Latest Computer Software News 8th- 22nd July 2017

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Welcome to a new edition of our software and computer software and QA bulletin focusing on the latest software testing news.  This week we feature stories on Blockchain on the stock Exchange, the arrival of NukeBot, James the QA who is a robot and more.


James, the new QA and also a RobotdinCloud-logo

These are not QA people; they are computer applications programmed with data

dinCloud have just unveiled their new worker. The cloud services provider created the virtual robot to work with existing software development monitoring systems. James has recieved a cautious welcome amongst his colleagues and software testers. Read More



NukeBot Makes Its Presence Knowntrojan

While criminals behind recent version of this malware currently are not actively distributing NukeBot, this may, and likely will, change very soon. We’ve already seen this before with some other malware families

Kaspersky Lab researchers  has discovered a new malware dubbed Nukebot. The software is able to “inject” itself into online banking webpages, stealing user data and credentials. Read More on NukeBot


Blockchain to be Used by Stock Exchangeblockchain

We are testing the use of blockchain technology in a financial businesses network where data segregation and confidentiality is vital.

Blockchain is being rolled out at the London Stock Exchange to help make clearer unrecorded businesses and to discovery of shareholding information easier. The system will eventually replace paper-trading certificates that are still in use by private companies with low budgets. Read More on Blockchain



QualiTest’s recent survey on Security and BugsQualitest

The retail industry is highly competitive and if retailers fail to provide a smooth, glitch-free shopping experience they’ll lose revenue immediately and their chances of winning repeat customers plunges

The independent software testing company’s recent survey of retail software bugs found that 65% of survey participants would abandon the purchase if they had security doubts with the most popular technical fault reported by survey respondentswas a frozen page with 60% participants reporting the issue. Read More here


Bug of the Weeksearching for bug

Delete all files in /usr/share/thumbnailers. Do not use GNOME Files. Uninstall any other software that facilitates automatically executing parts of filenames as code

A report on a bug found by Nils Dagsson Moskopp in Gnome. The bug creates a vulnurabilty in the software and Nils advice is to delete the files above. Read More here



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