Software Testing News – Latest in Software Testing News: 13th – 27th May 2017

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Welcome to a new edition of our software testing and QA bulletin focusing on the latest in software testing news.  This week we feature stories on new bug bounty programmes, U.S. hoarding software bugs, Facebook shares its bug hunting software and more.


Hospital System Needs Serious Testing

We have identified a number of potential sources of the issue and are systematically resolving them

Cairns Hospital in Australia was one of many hospitals and health care systems that were exposed to the recent global ransomware attack. The chief executive of  eHealth Queensland Dr Richard Ashby said that they arae conducting testing on systems at the moment to restore it. It appears putting in security measures to protect the system after the ransomware attacks  has led to glitchy software.  Read More here


Schools In Iowa Stop using $14M testing software After Audit

We’re concerned about a number of things, including the data system’s ability to perform in the future.

Iowa Department of Education spokesperson Staci Hupp explains why the Department has decided to stop using the TIER testing platform after it was found that the system would likely experience technical issues in the future. Read More here


U.S. Plan to Hoard Software Bugs DebatedNSA

The bill is an effort to balance “national security and general cybersecurity

The  Protecting our Ability To Counter Hacking, or PATCH, Act is being debated in the United States Congress this week as the debate of whether the U.S. security services should not disclose bugs they encounter to the relevant companies for intelligence purposes goes on. Read More here



Facebook Shares its Own Bug Hunting Toolsfacebook

This is a system that aims at helping engineers work with Android devices and iPhones and the emulators that simulate these things, and browser well

Engineering director Bryan O’Sullivan announces a number of tools recently that Facebook use that they are sharing with the wider testing community. OneWorld, a system for testing software across multiple devices and environments;  AL, used as a declarative coding language for writing custom bug checkers that work with Facebook’s open source static analyzer, Infer and Jupiter, a tool for matching backend jobs with computing resources. These resources will be made available to testers soon Read More here


U.S. Air Force Looking for HackersUS air force

The kind of paradigm shift these days is, it’s good to have outside people kind of look in at you

The U.S Air Force has recently announced a bug bounty programme. The programme is open to all. The Air Force has come into recent criticism for using floppy disks for some of its software. Read More here


 QASymphony Raises $40 million

With this Series C, we plan to aggressively invest in expanding our product leadership and in growing our global sales, marketing, and customer success teams to drive greater market share in North America and Europe

The global software testing market will be a $34 billion industry in 2017 and with this support QASymphony have raised $40 million in funding. The company has a number of testing and quality assurance tools designed to improve efficiency and collaboration during the entire software testing phase. Read More here


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