Software Testing News: Latest Software Testing and Tech News 22nd July – 5th August 2017

Welcome to a new edition of our software , QA and Tech news bulletin focusing on the latest software testing news.  This week we feature stories on Tricentis raise funds, Microsoft fuzz testing tool to be released, bug bounty programmes work and more.


Wipro Invests in TricentisWipro

We believe that clients will see this partnership as a game changer…It will help them drive speed in their business while bringing effectiveness and experience to their automation journey, through the powerful combination of Wipro AssureNXT, Wipro HOLMES and Tricentis Tosca

Indian software powerhouse Wipro has announced an investment in Tricentis in the company’s latest Series B funding. The investment was made through Wipro’s investment wing; Wipro Ventures. Read More here


Microsoft Announces Fuzz Testing to Be Made Open to Public

(Photography by Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures)
(Photography by Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures)

“Security Risk Detection provides a Virtual Machine for the customer to install the binaries of the software to be tested, along with a ‘test driver’ program that runs the scenario to be tested”

David Molnar, head of the team behind the Microsoft Security Risk Detection, a cloud based fuzz testing programme explains the software. It has just been released to the public. Powered by AI and built on Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure, the programme will help discover companies large and small with their testing. Read More here



Bug in Cisco Software Affects NetworksCisco

In Cisco IOS XE, the bug could let an unauthenticated, remote autonomic node back into a network after its certificate has been revoked.

The Register reports on a Cisco bug that is affecting networks worldwide. The bug affects Cisco’s Autonomic Networking software. The network software offers self-management for switches and routers but has been causing issues as of late. Read More here


The Benefits of Bug Bounty Programme

The whole industry in bug bounty programs is maturing

Reports from Black Hat Conference suggest there have been successes for the Bug Bounty programme for a number of companies. At the Conference Indeed, Microsoft and Salesforce revealed how bug bounty programme are benefiting their companies. Read More here


Microsoft Expands Bug Bounty Programmemicrosoft

Microsoft today announced a new bug bounty scheme that would see anyone finding a security flaw in Windows eligible for a payout of up to $15,000.

Speaking of bug bounty programme, Microsoft has expanded its own programme to include any aspect of Windows. Finding a remote code execution flaw in Windows with a high quality proof of concept can lead to a $15,000 payout. There are lesser payouts for other bugs. Read More here



Apple Ask Users to Update to Patch Software FlawApple logo

An attacker within range may be able to execute arbitrary code on the Wi-Fi chip

Apple are advising users of its phones to update their software as soon as possible after a recent software flaw was discovered. Users with the current version of iOS on their phones can allow hackers to take over their phone by simply turning on their wi-fi. Read More here


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