Software Testing News: 5th – 12th November 2016

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Welcome to our weekly software testing news and Quotes of the Week from the testing field. In this week’ software testing Quotes of the Week: a bug causes a probe crash, Apple and Microsoft fix bugs and a successful Hack the Pentagon.


Bug Causes Possible Probe Crash

If we have a serious technological issue, then it’s different. Then we have to re-evaluate carefully. But I don’t expect it to be the case.

The ExoMars probe that was developed by Russia and the European Space Agency crash landed on Mars last month. Andrea Accomazzo, responsible for ESA’s solar and planetary missions explains why they beleive its a software bug rather than a serious issue. Read More here


Apple fixes vulnerable BugApple logo

It fixes a remote code execution vulnerability that’s exploited by getting you to open a malicious JPEG

Security researcher Micah Lee who first spotted the vulnerability that allows any user device to be accessed. The code runs when a user views a malicious image on a vulnerable device.  Read More here




Hack the Pentagon to Become Permanent ProgrammeImage result for pentagon

We’re going to include incentives in our acquisition guidance and policies so that contractors who work on DoD systems can also take advantage of innovative approaches to cybersecurity testing

The Pentagon has been very pleased with it’s Hack the Pentagon programme for hackers. The U.S. Government agency has revealed that it is planning to make the programme permanent. The programme will be run by HackerOne and Synack. The original trail found 138 Security flaws with researchers earning $150,000 for their discoveries.  Read More here


Microsoft Fix Bug Utilised by Hackers to infiltrate Government Networks

It is believed to be based in Russia and has been linked to the cyber-attack on the Democratic National Committee

A bug that was revealed by Google Researchers earlier this month has been fixed by Microsoft with a new patch release. The bug was used by a number of Russian based hackers during recent months to expose users data. Read More here


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