Software Testing News: 23rd – 30th July 2016

Welcome to our weekly latest software testing news and Quotes of the Week from the testing field. This week the proof Bug Bounty programmes work, survey on first-test methodologies and more.


Transforming With DevOps

In spite of the strong demand for digital testing, the sharp decline in growth in managed testing services results in overall software testing services dropping to single-digit numbers in 2016

A report was recently published by Nelson Hall on the nature of test automation and the rise of DevOps. The report looks at the field and where the future of software testing might lie.  Read More here


Survey on Test-First Methodologies

48% of respondents to the survey reported that increased software quality was the top benefit driving them to adopt a Test-First approach

QA Symphony conducted a survey on software testers in February this year and has just released the results. The survey was on Test-First methodologies; ehavior-Driven Development (BDD), Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD) and how testers have adopted to these methodologies or not. Read More here


Test New Ps4 System Software

We’ve been hard at work on the next PS4 system software update, and could use your help testing it ahead of the official launch

Here is your opportunity to test software for Sony’s PS4. The company are looking for beta testers for their new software for the PS4. Read More here


U.S Navy Accused for installing software without License

THe U.S. Navy has been accused of pirating software from Bitmanagement Software. Between 2011 and 2012, the Navy received  a license to install the Bitmanagment BS Contact Geo software on “a limited and experimental” basis, according to court documents. They were authorised to install the software on just 38 computers for testing. However Bitmanagement argue that the Navy copied the software and installed it on many more machines. Read More here


Batteries to blame for Software Bug

“”A full charge capacity has degraded by over 80 per cent in just a few weeks and continues degrading. I tried to ‘recalibrate’ the battery by doing full charge then full drain multiple times, and it didn’t help

Microsoft are blaming failing batteries on Surface Pro 3 laptops for a software bug that is causing the batteries to drain very fast. Some users are complaing to Microsoft on their forums that the laptops are lasting only minutes because of the software issue. Read More here


Uber Bug Highlights Bug Bounty Programmes

Through the endpoint at /rt/users/passwordless-signup it is possible to change the password of any Uber user, given knowledge of their phone number

A software bug found by a security researcher has led Uber to pay out a $10,000 bounty for the find. The researcher, known as “Mongo” found the bug earlier this year.  Read More here



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