Software Testing News – Latest in software testing technology News: 30th April – 13th May 2017

Welcome to a new edition of our software testing and QA bulletin focusing on the latest in software testing technology news. This week we feature news on Agile Development a fad, Testing in Retail, OSS-Fuzz and more.


Agile Development an IT fad?

Unless you are paying close attention all the time, your agile project could easily be hurtling towards disaster without you even knowing it

Based on a recent survey, Agile Development is losing popularity with CIO’s of large company’s. Over half surveyed said they think of Agile as an IT fad.

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Testing in the Retail IndustryIndium Tool latest in software testing technology

the Indium testing team found that a ‘buy 1 get 1 offer’ scheme applying promo codes/coupons would have cost an online retail store $4.95 per transaction

Indium have just announced it’s new Retail Testing Framework for the retail environment. The company has developed the tool for both online and brick-and-mortar traders to assist with the automation needs of a retail environment.  Read More about the Indium tool here


FlexiSpy Rejected By HackerOnehackerone latest in software testing technology

“”As long as FlexiSPY is permitted to market software designed to spy on kids and victims of domestic abuse, vulnerabilities will put those individuals at risk

Flexispy, a company that offers spyware that allows a user to monitor calls, texts, web activity, WhatsApp and Viber messages has had it’s intended bug bounty programme halted as its intended partner, HackerOne has no intention of running their bug bounty programme. FlexiSpy announced that it intended to work with HackerOne but HackerOne had other ideas. Read More here


Google’s OSS-Fuzz bug-hunting Robot in Actiongoogle_oss_fuzz

Once a project is integrated into OSS-Fuzz, the continuous and automated nature of OSS-Fuzz means that we often catch these issues just hours after the regression is introduced into the upstream repository, so that the chances of users being affected is reduced

Google’s new testing tool, OSS-Fuzz has found over 1,000 bugs in the last six months. The bug hunting tool uses fuzzing technique of using large amounts of random data against a system or software in an attempt to make it crash. The tool has seen 10 trillion test inputs are being processed every day since its inception. Read More about Google OSS-Fuzz here




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