Quotes of the Week – August 3rd

Welcome to our weekly round-up of our picks of the quotes of the week. This includes our favourite comments, articles and quotes from the world of testing and beyond.


Another Social Network Experiments with your Feelings

But guess what, everybody: if you use the Internet, you’re the subject of hundreds of experiments at any given time, on every site. That’s how websites work.” – Christian Rudder

OKCupid, the dating website published a blog post on Monday describing a number of experiments it had performed with data from its members and comparing its work to that of the study conducted by Facebook recently. Among the results of the studies was that if you suggest a profile match to a user, they are more likely to interact with that matched user. Read more on the background of the “study” and the issues it brought up here.


My Dog did it


Programmer Sawyer Hood tries a new interpretation of the old excuse. Would it work I wonder?  


What do we Do?

Ottawa based software engineer JR Clarkin muses on what other fields of work software testing relates to.


Bug in Android

The fundamental problem is simply that Android doesn’t verify any claims regarding if one identity is related to another identity

-Jeff Forristal, CTO BlueBox    
A software bug was found on the Android  platform that allows malware to insert malicious code into other apps, then gain access to the user’s credit card data as well astake control of the device’s settings. The bug named FakeID by Bluebox, the third party software company that discovered it, allowed malware to present itself as genuine because of issues with identify verification and certification signatures for apps. Google have released a patch though some networks have not passed this on. The company BlueBox is releasing an Android app of its own that you can download which will check if the host device has been patched. Read more here.


The Pen is Mightier than the Tablet



Apart from having a very clever website, software engineer Mārtiņš Grunskis is also an avid traveller. Though he has learned pen and paper don’t disappear as quickly as content on the Day One OS X app.

Bug (almost) in Space


Evelina Urbonavičienė brings up a old software bug story of what happened to the Ariane 5 rocket launch in 1996. The onboard computer tried to make a 90 degree change of direction.

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