Quotes of The Week: 14th – 21st November 2015

Welcome to this week’s Quotes of the Week: bugs, bugs and testing at passport control.


Libpng Bug Affects Numerous Software Applications

Virtually all libpng versions through 1.6.18, 1.5.23, 1.4.16, 1.2.53, and 1.0.63, respectively, have a potential out-of-bounds read in png_set_tIME()/png_convert_to_rfc1123() [CVE-2015-7981] and an out-of-bounds write in png_get_PLTE()/png_set_PLTE() [CVE-2015-8126].

The libpng team explains the bug issue that has recently come to light. The bug can potentially affect numerous software programmes as it affects any application that is capable of reading, writing, or displaying PNG images. The bug can cause Both cause DoS (Denial of Service) state, but as the code is written in C, a DoS exposes the underlying system to more widespread abuse. Read More here


An Android Bug that lets you Control of a Users Phone

The impressive thing about Guang’s exploit is that it was one shot…Most people these days have to exploit several vulnerabilities to get privileged access and load software without interaction

Dragos Ruiu, PacSec organiser discusses the revelation about the latest android bug. The security vulnerability was revealed by Quihoo 360 researcher Guang Gong at the PacSec conference in Tokyo.  While he did not reveal the details of the exploit to prevent malicious individuals from taking advantage of the information, he did ssy that the exploit targets the JavaScript v8 engine. Read More here


Testing at Passport Control

It provides an easy to navigate front-end web page that allows companies easy access to all of their current projects with us for testing. They can view the status of each project and open specific items to check on progress.”

Praveen Madire, founder of independent software testing company, Test Triangle explains how his company’s dashboard works. His company was recently involved in the testing for the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs which was launching a mobile app for requesting a new passport. Read More here


Google Blocks Third-Party Keyboards In Chrome For iOS

Google has released an updated version of its Chrome web browser for iOS, effectively disabling support for third-party keyboards on Apple’s mobile platform.

Google announced that it had to disable the third-party keyboards because of a bug in iOS 9 in its latest update. Read More here


Test Cloud Raise €5 Million

Quality assurance is hard for everyone, and for companies that are scaling up, developers or in-house testers can’t test all possible permutations and combinations of software and hardware that their users have.

Software testing company test IO has re-branded itself after raising $5 Million through investors. The German company now plans to expand into the U.S. over the coming months. Read More here



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