On This Day – July 23rd

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The new Amiga 1000, Google Knol, and Fiona Charles discusses risk based testing. All on today’s On This Day from TestHuddle.

1985 –  Commodore launches new Amiga 1000


Commodore International unveils its new Amiga 1000, featuring a multitasking, windowing operating system, colour graphics, stereo sound, a Motorola 68000 CPU, 256kB RAM, and a 880kB 3.5-inch disk drive. For its time, it had a very powerful CPU, advanced graphics and sound hardware. Although well received, it was not until many years later that its impact on the home computer market was realised. In 2006, PC World rated the Amiga 1000 as the 7th greatest PC of all time.







2008 – Knol is launchedKnol Google

Google launches “Knol”. Knol (described as a “unit of knowledge”) was seen by many as a site to rival Wikipedia. Some differences between Knol and Wikipedia was on Knol, articles were permitted to promote products, it allowed opinion pieces and authors could gain monetary reward for articles via Google AdSense. The service was closed on April 30th 2012 with all articles deleted by September of that year.






2011 – Make Risk Based Testing A Reality

On July 23rd 2009, Fiona Charles presented a webinar on how to make risk based testing a reality.  As Fiona notes, “many organizations have embraced the concept of risk-based testing as a way to contain the costs of testing and focus test efforts on the system areas where undetected bugs could do the most harm. But too often, there is no substance behind the buzz-phrase, as testers are left to assess the risks without management and business support”.  You can view the webinar here.


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