How Cloud Data and Big Data Certification Will Enhance Your Career?

Cloud computing has recently opened many resources for companies to effectively store their data and get rid of their warehousing problems. One of the key features that cloud computing offers is the facility to work with the data to analyse trends and utilize these trends in making applicable products and services for the clients. Sometimes firms use the tools to enhance their own business procedures. However, in order to be able to do this, firms have to recruit trained professionals such as data engineers, analysts, and managers who can use tools such as Watson Studio, Hadoop, Apache Spark, and other analytical programs. Companies are heaped with their own information sets, and they do not have enough personnel to make sense of the unorganized data. Therefore, certified individuals are in high demand.

Certifications in Cloud Computing

The industry of cloud computing certifications is divided into two factions. The majority of the faction is vendor-specific, which means that the cloud service providers design their own certifications to promote professionals to adapt their resources. The other faction is not vendor-specific and caters to audiences whose work demands them to learn all sorts of tools.

CompTIA Cloud+ is not a vendor-specific certification that allows individuals to get some idea about the fundamentals of cloud computing and to be able to kickstart their career by learning new resources and getting experience while working with data in major companies.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification allows interested candidates to learn the cloud service provided by Amazon. The corporate giant’s service is the cheapest in the industry with many resources and tools to choose from. With high power servers spread over the globe, it is a tough competitor to IBM Watson Studio and Google Cloud. The company also allows for the training of individuals to utilize the system and make practical solutions to various industry issues.

Google Cloud Professional (GCP) Architect certification is another program that caters to professionals who make use of Google Cloud to help employers and stakeholders with their problems. Architects are certified by the company engineer solutions through analyzing huge amounts of data through statistical and machine learning tools that come embedded in the system.


Certifications in Big Data Analysis

Big data analysis involves working with many different data sets provided from trusted databases, cleaning and organizing this data, transforming it, and making visualizations that help the analysts make different models that help companies utilize their resources better. Some of these practical applications include forecasting, sales predictions, targeting audiences, and performance analysis.

CCP Data Engineer Certification provided by Cloudera comes from a company who are known for their huge contributions to the field of data science. The reputed firm trains candidates to use their CDH environment to conduct big data analysis.

MapR trains individuals to make use of their MapReduce methodology while building applications using databases and APIs. Certified individuals can write, test, and debug Java programs that use this methodology and suggest changes or solutions to data analysis problems.

IBM Big Data Architect certification allows industry beginners and professionals to get used to their Watson ecosystem and conduct big data analysis with their powerful and capable servers. Architects use the Watson studio to find new trends and build products for clients.

Why choose Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis?

  1. Cloud computing and big data analysis cut down costs for the companies by pointing out activities that not only reduce their efficiency but also eat up their resources and provide lesser returns than what is permissible. This allows stakeholders to take contingency measures and plan better alternatives to such unproductive tasks. This is why companies are keen on hiring data scientists, and the job profiles are in huge demand.
  1. Since there is no single method to solve a problem, data scientists have to rely on statistical knowledge to find solutions. The job comes with immense responsibilities and challenges. This allows employees to build experience and have a thrilling work life that allows them to grow as a valuable asset to the enterprise.
  1. Even with the massive recruitment drive going on for these professionals, not all companies have adapted to the new system. This allows for major profitable opportunities to pop up for the companies who are willing to take a breath of fresh air. This helps to build a competitive edge.

Getting certified in this field is the best way to begin your data science career. The eligibility requirements are really low, and candidates with sufficient knowledge of statistics and business experience can take the initiative to boost their careers themselves. Cloud computing and big data analysis offer a lot of career potential due to practical and efficiency reasons.

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