On This Day in Tech & Computer History: August 3rd

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Looking back at the major events that occurred on this day in computer history.  Today we examine the launch of the TSR-80 and the new Newton MessagePad.


1977 – TSR – 80 Launchedtrs-80

In New York city at the Warwick Hotel Radio Shack, a division of Tandy Corporation, announces the TRS-80 (“Trash-80″) Model I microcomputer. The TRS-80, the first mass-produced desktop computer. The computer is based on the Z-80 8-bit microprocessor manufactured by Zilog features 4KB RAM, expandable to 16K RAM, a 4KB ROM, expandable to 12K ROM, a 53-key keyboard, a twelve inch RCA video display and a Realistic CTR-41 cassette-based data recorder. It also features a built-in BASIC interpreter, BlackJack, and Backgammon. The system goes on tjhe market at $599.95 for a full system.


1993 –  Apple release Newton MessagePadNewton_MessagePad_120

In the United States, Apple Computer releases the Newton MessagePad. Despite featuring a “built-in” intelligence to manage routine tasks the device will prove unpopular due mainly to the short lifespan of its batteries and the time that is required by the system to adapt its handwriting recognition to a new user.






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