BlogSpy Vol 115: This week’s round-up of the best software testing blog posts from the blogosphere

Welcome to the 115th edition of EuroSTAR’s BlogSpy, the best round-up on the internet of the latest blog posts from the world of software testing.


One Little Change – Gerald Weinberg

Gerry discusses how one little innocent mistake can turn a helpful machine into the opposite.

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5 Things Your Boss Doesn’t Understand about Test Automation – By Joe Colantonio

Joe highlights five misconceptions about test Automation that management might not be aware of.

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A Test Drive Of Watson: On A Defect Analysis Journey – Aditya Vadaganadam

Adi takes readers on a journey of IBM’s Watson machine. It’s IBM super-computer and Adi looks at what use it has for testing.

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What is MetaAutomation? A Very Brief Technical Overview – Matt Griscom

Matt Griscom blog on testing looks at the meta-automation, a recent concept in testing. He examines the technical aspects of how meta-automation works.

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Note on End-To-End Testing – Josh Grant

Josh offers a brief few words on what to expect if you are writing end-to-end check as part of testing.

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Build, Test, Ship, Learn, Rinse & repeat – Pete Houghton

How do you tackle the problem of meeting high quality work while trying to meet production deadlines. Pete offers a few tips on how you might get this done.

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