BlogSpy Vol 108: This week’s round-up of the best software testing blog posts from the blogosphere

Welcome to the 108th edition of EuroSTAR’s BlogSpy,  the best round-up on the internet of the latest blog posts from the world of software testing.


9 Best Ideas for Testers to Utilize Their Bench Time Effectively –  Nidhi K

Nidhi discusses what you should do with that time where one project is finishing and the next project hasn’t started yet.

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7 Biases That Impact Testing – Deepika Mamnani

““The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” This quotation from French philosopher Henri Bergson is very relevant to the business of testing.

This idea could be applicable to all our roles—for example, as a tester validating an application, a quality assurance professional benchmarking testing processes, a strategist assessing organizations, or even the head of a testing organization. We tend to judge based on biases that are a result of our environment, background, culture, and experiences.”

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Layers of Testing abstractly applied to the assembly of a Chair – Gareth Waterhouse

Gareth gives an example of how his team uses the assembly instruction for a chair to help new testers in the team think about what types of testing they use. The results surprised him.

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The Role of Testing: Thoughts from KWST5 – Adam Howard

“The topic for the fifth annual Kiwi Workshop on Software Testing (KWST5), which took place last week, was ‘defining and defending the role of testing’. It was a very interesting and invigorating two days, rich with discussion about what the role of testing is, what it means to fulfil it, whether it needs defending, and how we might do so.

One of the main things that I took away from the two days was a distinction between two types of role – throughout the conference, we called them “big R” roles and “small r” roles, and I’ll re-use those terms here.”

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People in Testing Interview with José Díaz – Daniel Knott

Daniel Knott continues his series of chatting to other tester in the field with a interview with Jose Diaz who is the creator of  Agile Testing Days.

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Mobile Testing Pathway – Katrina Clokie

Katrina Clokie compiles a large collection of resources  and exercises to help you on your journey if you are new to the field of mobile testing.

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Ways to force yourself to enjoy mobile app testing – Dhanasekar S

After reading Katrina Clokie’s blog post above, Dhanasekar revised his own suggestions as how to view mobile app testing in a fun way.

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