Blogspy 157: Our Round-up of the Best QA and Software Testing Blog Posts

Welcome to this week’s Blog Spy, our round-up of the best QA and Software testing blog posts. This week’s best of software testing blogs includes managing exceptions in Selenium, learning from Errors, why not to follow your passion and more.

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Automated Regression Testing Made Easy with CasperJS – Dmitry

A guide to the completing regression tests using CasperJS, a utility that runs on top of PhantomJS.

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How To…Manage Exceptions in Selenium WebDriver – Alex Siminiuc

Alex details how you can catch exceptions in Selenium and lists some common exceptions and how to tackle them.

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Learning from Errors – Majd Uddin

Madj relates a few of the takeaways he had got from reading Jerry Weinburg’s book on Errors, and how he has learned from reading the book.

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Empathy In Software Testing – Sowmya Ramesh

How testers can help the development of products by recognising their role as being close to the user experience on projects.
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What when your employer kills software testing job? – Tarun Kumar

What happens when your employer decided they don’t want to employ software testers anymore? If you are being let go, what is the next step. Here Tarun offers some suggestions for the next steps.

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Why we Need More Women and Minorities in Tech – Joe Colantonio

Not strictly a blog post. Joe welcomes Angie Jones to discuss how to encourage more women and minorities participating in tech world and what should be done.

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The Passionless Pilot – Why the Advice to ‘Follow Your Passion’ is Inherently Flawed – Tim Davies

Another non-testing blog post but still relevant to any role, job or industry. If you are being told to “follow your passion” in life, is that really a good thing? Tim explains why he thinks that is not the case.

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