Blogspy 145: Our Round-up of the best software testing blog posts from the blogosphere

Welcome to this week’s Blog Spy. In this week’s round-up of the software testing blogs we have posts on labels in testing, skills learned from RPG’s, MindMapping, destructive software testing and more.


Testers* [do|don’t] (help) [prevent|detect] problems** – Damian Synadinos

A guest post by Damian on Augusto Evangelisti’s blog, he discusses what a problem is in testing, how to define it and most importantly how to address a problem.

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Skills I Use In Testing That I Learned From Playing Dungeons And Dragons (And Other Roleplaying Games) – Magnus Petterson

Role playing games (RPG’s) can teach you a lot about software testing. Magnus explains what skills he has honed because of his love for playing Dungeons and Dragons.

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How I ended up in IT – Maaike Brinkhof

Maaike describes her journey to the world of IT;  from attending music college to falling out of love of playing the clarinet to discovering testing and the rewarding career it has given her so far.

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Mindmapping: A Killer Way To Increase Your Test Coverage – Prashant Hegde

Prashant writes on how to build a Mindmap for your testing, how it should look, what you should include and what you should leave out.

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Well written test cases…or not. A few thoughts on test design – Mikkel Korsgaard

The eternal question: “how much detail should you put in test cases?” is addressed by Mikkel. He looks at what differenent projects need in terms of detail and what should be included.

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Destructive Software Testing – Bringing Beta Testing To Your Desk – Hugo Gonçalves

Hugo explains why more bugs seem to be found when a product gets released and how to address the difference between how the public use software compared to how testers test it with user stories.

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On the naming of tools (and other things) – Paul Gerrard

Paul comments on names in the software testing industry including if terms like automation, engineer and others are the right fit for that they do.

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