Blogspy 143: Our Round-up of the best software testing blog posts from the blogosphere

Welcome to this week’s Blog Spy. It’s all about context in testing, myths of test certification, independent testing, common types of testing errors and more.


11 Myths About Software Qualification and Certification – Jay Thomas

Jay Thomas address some of the myths he believes surrounds testing certification.

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Contexts: Am I a Tester? – Mike Picken

Here Mike discusses everything context. He asks the question, how do you classify yourself as a tester? Well like anything, it’s all about context.

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Software testing is not … part 2 – Viktor Slavchev

Viktor continues his series of blog posts on what not to describe software testing as.

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7 Types of Software Errors That Every Tester Should Know – Vijay Shinde

Vijay presents a list of errors that every tester should expect to encounter.

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Are You An Independent Tester? – Amy Philips

What is life like if you are the only tester working on a dev team. Amy reflects on the role of the truly independent tester.

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Testing Is Not A Phase! – Gil Zilberfeld

How software testing has changed to become more important in the development arc.

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The Changing Role of Software Testers – Jerry Weinberg

How the role of the software tester has changed since Jerry started working with IBM in 1958.

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