5 Software Testing Predictions for 2021

Software testing predictions are never easy to do. However in this brief blog post we will try to see through what is happening in the software testing industry and make some predictions for software testing in 2021. With the rapid development in technology and advancements in testing and despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the growth rate of the software testing industry is still  predicted to be positive in 2021. So in some ways it looks like testing is set to grow even more in 2021.

According to a recent survey, and based on the latest updates during COVID, things have changed, but there is still a positive side to it. More businesses have started moving online, bringing better opportunities for all- sellers, manufacturers, consumers, testers, and more.


Now, let’s take a brief look at how 2021 and what will the future year might look like.

Prediction 1: No Coding Automation

With the advancements technology is making in this sector, especially Artificial Intelligence in testing, there isn’t more time that automation would be codeless. Yes! The recurrence of tests have already been handled, and soon, the complete automation process will turn code-free.

Prediction 2: Automated Mobile Application Testing

mobile appsWe can clearly observe the curve of mobile phone users increasing to a steep in the last few years. There are more and more people turning to mobile phones and applications for almost everything. And with the demand for mobile applications and the testing necessities, automation is not too far a goal to achieve in 2021.

Prediction 3: Blockchain Tests

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Businesses are turning towards blockchain with a major proportion than before—the main reason being efficient handling of large data. And in 2021, we can easily see the blockchain taking over tests and turning into the most commonly used software for testing purposes.

Prediction 4: DevOps and Agile

Lately, DevOps and Agile are the two most commonly heard names when it comes to software development and testing. This is because of the ease they create to communicate between a tester and developer. This, in turn, makes the whole development and testing process smooth and hassle-free. In 2021, DevOps will continue to grow in popularity along with Continuous Deployment. Agile, which is on course to become the dominant method of doing testing will spread even further and be adopted by more and more companies and teams.

Prediction 5: Security Testing

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As more of us interact, shop and work online and remotely; the risk of data and information hacks and leaks increase in tandem. Hackers will find loopholes in programmes, they will still attack what are often perceived as secure databases. This can pose a threat to the business, organisation, or individual. This is where the software testing comes in and the quality analyst too. They ensure that the software is of the best quality and fit for use.

Security testing as a field will see exponential growth in 2021. Soon it will be a requirement that there is a security testing specialist on a testing team or someone with deep security testing knowledge.

Summing Up…

Quality of a service or product is prioritised over everything to provide the best of anything. That is what software testing is all about. Software testing is the topmost, and some might say, the only medium to ensure that the development is going on the right track. With so many ups and downs and so much uncertainty in 2020, the hopes for 2021 are high. But as 2020 has shown, it might be foolish to make predictions.

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