2019 Programming Trends and SQL Server Environments for Developers to Prepare

For the last couple of decades, humanity started eagerly waiting for the technological changes each year bring in which may change our lives in a big way. In the life of programmers, a new year is a good time to think of acquiring new skills on the basis of what’s coming up to be a part of new projects. We have already crossed the first quarter of 2019, but let’s look into what is coming up next in terms of programming and database management this year. Being prepared yourself for the changing technology trends will let you outperform and be more innovative and resourceful as a programmer.

First, we will list out some of the major programming trends which the developers need to be prepared for. But before that let’s have a quick look back to what happened in 2018.


Programming trends of 2018

You can find that JavaScript topped the list of programming trends back in 2018, and it is no surprise. You can see the use of JavaScript anywhere with its features for both front-end and back-end development. We can see that JavaScript topped this list of prevailing programming technologies for the sixth consecutive year.

Reports from GitHub also confirm JavaScript on the top position. According to his, JavaScript also has the greatest number of contributors across the globe in the private and public repositories. This rise in JavaScript popularity had also paved the way to JavaScript-based servers like Node.js b allowing the programmers to use the same set of code for both client and server sides.

However, alongside JavaScript, we can see how Python and C++ also moved to the top position in this same list, whereas C had gone down further and Ruby also dropping to 10th from being 5th in 2016. To our surprise, TypeScript had moved up from the 10th to the 7th position last year.

So, hose the trends of 2018 will further be affecting the programming sector in 2019. No doubt that JavaScript is here to stay, but what would be the status of other programming languages, let’s look into it.


#1. 2019 Trends: Would Python surpass Java?

You may see that Python is almost at the third position in terms of the popularity of the programming platforms. According to the listing of Stack Overflow, Python surpassed PHP back in 2017 and C# in 2018.

One major reason fueling the growth of Python is the hype in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. In terms of data management skills, Python seems to replace the popularity of R also among a large number of users. R; for those who are new to it, is a specialized programming language for dealing with the statistical data and big data.

It is more likely that Python libraries with statistical and machine learning capabilities made Python mightier and more attractive than R. Apart from AI applications, Python can be flexibly used in web application development, game development, business apps, and more.


#2. 2019 Trends: SQL Server environments

We can see that SQL Server is also facing new challenges and changes as Microsoft is releasing the 2019 version of it. Not far after the last release of the SQL Server 2017, Microsoft is now rolling out the SQL Server 2019 version, which can give you a clue as to where the database market is heading with the increasing requirement for big data management and data analytics capabilities. Providers like RemoteDBA.com are fully in line to meet the database change management at best and offer top-notch services to its clients.


Incorporating the changing needs of the database sector, enhanced integration of big data could be the prime focus of SQL Server 2019. Usage of it will help increase the external data sources, which can be accessed using the data virtualization application of Microsoft’s Polybasic which allows the users to create big data clusters which can combine the SQL Server to Apache Spark in Hadoop Distributed File System. All these types of additions will enhance the data processing capabilities of business corporate and effectively integrate AI into their SQL Server database environments.

We may expect that more businesses may likely to evaluate the scope of putting the SQL server environments into containers. The Docker containers can ensure faster and easier SQL deployments. The developers can also make use of the containerized SQL Server instances in a matter of just seconds. This may become more prevailing when the organizations may move on to the DevOps processes and continuous deployment methods.


#3. 2019 Trends: TypeScript moving up to top 10

As we had seen above, TypeScript is at the 7th position now in the most used languages. T TypeScript is a stronger version of JavaScript, which provides more interoperability and safety. As it is strongly typed, the developers need not to have to define types for the variables as these are already defined. Most interestingly, the developers can code using TypeScript and then convert the code easily to JavaScript. This lets the developers use TypeScript in order to circumvent the more troublesome JavaScript features and do it more comfortably.


#4. 2019 Trends: “Go” makes programming much easier

‘Go’ is coming up as one of the fastest growing programming languages, in fact, the 7th fastest among programming as per GitHub. Go is a flexible, open-source language, which is offered by Google. Wit is a syntactical similarity to C; Go is also like Python as being a much easier language to write and read. This is one major reason why Go is largely gaining in popularity.

Like TypeScript, Go is also a strongly-typed language, which you can use for all front- and back-end applications. Go can also be used to build the concurrent applications which will break your work into multiple threads for execution. As in the case of TypeScript, you can also transpile the Go code to JavaScript.

So, you have for programming trends to keep track of in 2019. Preparing on these may help you to better perform in the realm of software application development for future generation technology.


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