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Welcome to the Huddle Test Lab[edit]

You are very welcome to the Huddle Test Lab. The Huddle Test Lab is a online place for you to test yourself. Each month we will present a new testing challenge. You will get the opportunity to test Open Source software, try out new approaches to testing, compare notes and more.

The first Huddle Test Lab Challenge focused on the Open Source Software PapaParse. Led by James Lyndsay had a number of weekly tasks to get through all the testing. Following on from the initial success, the new Test Lab Masters; Eddy Bruin and Stefana Ioana


This Month's Challenge[edit]

The new Test Lab Challange for this month will be announced soon. Stay tuned here. The Challenge will run until the end of January where there will be a live Feedback session.

How Do I Take Part?[edit]

To find out how to take part, consult our helpful guides including the How_Does_It_Work and How_Do_I_Take_Part. This will provide you with all the details for taking part in the new monthly events.

Get In Touch[edit]

Want to talk about the Test Lab. Have software you would like to suggest for testing? Get in touch with us. Email us hello [at] with your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.