Way We Work Webinars (15-18 Sept.)

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The Way We Work webinar series focused on current and future trends in software testing – what you should know today and ideas for the future for your career in testing.

The week featured 4 webinars from experienced conference speakers who offered advice on tackling known and emerging challenges for everyday testers. You also get the opportunity to download 3 eBooks on Test Automation, Test Management & Programming.

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Programming for Testers. It’s Easy!

graham and peterwith Graham Thomas (Independent Consultant, UK) & Phill Isles (HSBC Private Bank, UK)

In this webinar, a companion piece to last year’s conference workshop, we showed you how easy it actually is, as a tester, to learn how to program. The hard part, as always, is how to start. We started with 3 simple steps and show you how to get up and running with Python.

Key Takeaways:

    1. A deeper insight into the Testers need to learn to code debate
    2. Your first steps into programming
    3. Experience, examples and references to help you continue your Programming Adventure

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How is Testing Different in a DevOps Agile Team. A Perspective from the Team

Rob Lambert 100with Rob Lambert (NewVoiceMedia, UK)

In this webinar, some of the test team at NewVoiceMedia discussed how testing has changed for them and why working in an agile team is positive for a tester.

Key Takeaways:

      1. Hear from some of the team about what it’s like to work in a fast paced DevOps environment
      2. Hear how the role of the tester shifts to encompass other responsibilities
      3. Listeners may be interested to hear about the type of work our team do

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Big Data – A New Testing Challenge

Adam Knight webinarwith Adam Knight (RainStor, UK)

In this webinar Adam Knight will presented on the challenges that face a testing team working on a Big Data product. He discussed how integrating with other Big Data technologies, such as Hadoop, presents challenges in itself due to the rapid rate of change of the software in this emergent market. Adam then explained the benefits and restrictions that are encountered when working with Big Data systems in a modern agile development approach. He went on to present some of the approaches, both in automation and in their management of testing activities, that his team has successfully adopted in tackling the big data testing challenge.

Key Takeaways:

      1. Explore the challenges of integrating BIG Data technologies on the rapid changing software market
      2. Adopt a modern agile approach to working with BIG Data systems
      3. Learn automation & test management approaches to tackling BIG Data testing challenges

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The Internet of Things. It’s Coming!

Prof. Andy Stanford-Clarkwith Professor Andy Stanford-Clark (IBM Global Business Services , UK)

In this webinar Professor Andy Stanford-Clark will introduce the Internet of Things, with reference to his work on home automation systems, including mousetraps that text him when they catch a mouse, measures he is taking to change energy use behaviour using ambient information systems, through to the Isle of Wight ferries which tweet when they arrive at and leave the ferry ports.

With examples from his work on helping people in Social Housing escape Energy Poverty, Andy will talk about the “Instrumented, Interconnected, Intelligent” elements of the Internet of Things. He will consider aspects of what the User Experience means in this context, and will explore considerations for testing in the emerging world of tiny, wireless-connected sensors.

Key Takeaways:

      1. Real world examples of IoT in practice
      2. Discover what the “Instrumented, Interconnected & Intelligent” elements of IoT

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graham and peter

ebook icon

Programming for Testers. It’s Easy!

with Graham Thomas (Independent Consultant, UK) & Phill Isles (HSBC Private Bank, UK) 

With the advent of agile approaches to development testers are facing ever increasing pressure to take a more active part in development, including learning to read code, and sometimes even coding themselves.

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ebook iconAdam Tornhill 1Build a Safety Net for Your Architecture 

by Adam Tornhill (Maat Technologies AB, Sweden) – September 16th

In this extract from ‘Your code as a Crime Scene’, Adam provides novel techniques that let you evaluate and supervise your automated checks on both unit and system level.

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ebook iconpeter and fabienHow To Assess Your Test Manager

with Peter Morgan (Retired Testing Professional, UK) & Fabián Scarano (NETS, Denmark)

The assessment of Testers by Test Managers is part and parcel of life in IT – it happens all the time. In this eBook, a tester and a Test Manager compare differing views of a “Test Manager” and in so doing, enable a more objective assessment of the role of any individual Test Manager to take place.

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