How to use Machine Learning to Outsmart Your Competitors?

What are the chances that a bot does not write this article? Patch is writing 3,000 articles a week. Alibaba is using artificial intelligence in their facilities to perform repetitive tasks without wasting precious energy of people. Machine learning is playing a vital role in the lives of startups.

AI is Improving the Profits

By using AI, brands can scale their core businesses and expand their product and services to achieve more in less time. The profit margin of those brands who integrate AI in their system grew sales by 3.5%.

AI is directly improving the profit margin and everything associated with digital technologies. While there are critics, who are questioning the use of AI in business, with emerging profits these critics are now silent and seeing the power of AI as something a must for the new generation.


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It is all About Data

The future is about those who know how to understand the data and take that data to analyze and do something good out of it. Whether you have an e-commerce store, a professional website design agency or a startup willing to expand, you must use data to understand the intent of customer and devise a solution for that. Every customer is essential, and if you analyze the data, you’ll be able to get new ideas for products and services which are popular but currently not part of your business.


Expand your Team with a Chatbot

Enough of hiring people who can take calls and listen to all the stories of customers. Now, this can be done with a chatbot. There is no need to hire a team that can serve the customers for 24 hours. Use the power of chatbots to solve the repetitive common problems of customers and take some pressure off the back of your customer service team. These chatbots can help small businesses to cut-down their cost and help them invest their money in marketing.


Leverage Human Resources

Lately, there is a long debate going on reducing the time it requires to shortlist the candidates for interview. There is a screening process, and then there is a long list of other constants which are necessary to help the HR department screen the candidates.

Chatbot tools can help reduce the amount of time and energy to shortlist the ideal candidates for the job and schedule interviews and eliminate all the back and forth that goes with the timings of higher management.



Intuitive Email marketing

Have you ever received an email with your name in the subject line?

Surely, you might be thinking that this is a human trying to make a personal connection but thanks to machine learning that these tools can analyze the brain patterns of each customer and suggest a custom subject for the email. These emails not only attract the customers; they create a powerful bond among customer and the brand.







To Wrap it all up

While small businesses are quickly shifting to machine learning, medium size businesses are finding it difficult to trust this new technology. However, with time everything settles down. If the companies are not growing with the speed that everything is growing, they will be left behind. Whether you believe it or not, machine learning is the future of everything. Either stay in your comfort zone or move away from it and beat your competitors.



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Mohammad Ali is an experienced digital marketer and a search engine marketing specialist who is currently associated with Branex, as senior digital marketer and brand strategist.

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