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Why do Test Managers Keep Making The Same Mistake?
About 6 months ago, while I was working with team of test managers and we were discussing the challenges they faced and what they could do to mitigate or avoid them. We broke these challenges down in the following truisms …– read the blog

The Missing Link
McKinsey & Company published an article citing “IT efforts often cost much more than planned (Bloch et al 2012).” Their research, conducted in collaboration with the University of Oxford, suggested that half of all IT projects… – read the blog

Learn, Act and Mimic
Sometimes we discover new things about ourselves. Maybe it’s because someone tells us, maybe we sit down and listen to our internal monologue. This is my story on how I started thinking about learning, acting and mimicking… – tead the blog

We Don’t Need Testers, Anyone can Test
Do you agree with this statement or not? What is the importance of testers and their role in the software world? My first student job was working as a software developer on small waterfall project… – read the blog

The Test Strategy is Dead. Long Live the Test Contract
The following article is a follow-up to a submission I put forward for EuroSTAR 2014. It explores part of my journey so far in software testing, and why I feel we need to look at the way communicate with our . – read the blog

Transforming the QA Process When a Project Moves into Maintenance 
There is no doubt that the QA process needs to change when a software development project goes to production environment used by real users. This is true for both agile and waterfall projects. This process usually benefits from being transformed… – read the blog

How Coverage Can Catch The Cheat  
Coverage is a measurement for how thorough a test has been, based on identified coverage elements. If no elements have been touched, the coverage is 0 %; if all have been touched, the coverage is 100 %… – read the blog

Two Captains on one Ship to Rule the Waves
It seems like a bad idea having two test managers in one project. However, in the SHARE program at copier manufacturer RICOH two men at the steering wheel kept the ship on course by bringing together a top-down… – read the blog

Friday Funny: Don’t Bug me on a Friday
“When my colleague wants to show me a bug on a Friday evening…” Do you do this? – see the picture

Friday Funny: A Junior Tester on Release Day
The poor Junior Tester was only trying to help… – see the picture

Friday Funny: Project Management
Has this ever happened to you… – see the picture

Friday Funny: the Internet for the Next Three Weeks
Hat-Tip to David O’ Dowd for sharing this picture on Twitter! Very funny.   Will you be watching the world-cup this weekend?… – see the picture

Friday Funny: Basic Human Needs
Do you agree? Do you think WiFi has become that much of a basic human need?… – see the picture

Friday Funny: Password Incorrect
The automatic password reset function is broken on our other website so I reset everyone’s manually when they forget their password. I have reset a lot today so I thought this was a very appropriate picture for today… – see the picture

On this Day – July 4th  read the blog

On this Day – July 3rd read the blog

On this Day – July 2ndread the blog

On this Day – July 1st. – read the blog

Latest Discussion

Ten Minute Test Plan
Here is a great talk on Test Plans by James Whittaker (Google)… – join the discussion

Funny Things (Test) Managers Say
In every job role people can get funny or unusual requests from co-workers and customers. We’re wondering what funny things your test managers or general managers have said or asked you… – join the discussion

Funny Things Developers Say
You have seen the funny things Test Managers have said. Why not tell us about some of the funny things developers have said… – join the discussion

Latest Resources

[Video} Ten Minute Test Plan
Here is a great talk on Test Plans by James Whittaker (Google)… – watch video

[Podcast} Testing With Style
Ruud Cox describes how credibility is perhaps the most important asset of a tester. If people don’t believe you as a tester, they won’t believe what you’re telling them… – listen to podcast

[Podcast} Are we Failing at UI Automation?
Jim Holmes talks about a few of the high-level reasons for teams struggling with UI automation, and gives some ideas on avoiding, or moving past those same struggles… – listen to podcast

[On-Demand Webinar] With Cloud Computing, Who Needs Performance Testing? 
Albert Witteveen discusses the concept that with cloud computing we can add more hardware resources on the fly. Considering how expensive load and stress testing can be, why don’t we just add more power when needed? … – view the webinar

[eBook] Model-Based Testing for Systems of Systems
This eBook on model-based testing is taken almost exclusively from chapter 17 of ‘Software Testing – A Craftsman’s Approach, fourth edition’ by Paul Jorgensen … – download eBook

[eBook] Beautiful Testing
Karen N. Johnson’s chapter from Beautiful Testing published by O’Reilly in 2008 describes how her professional experience intersected with her personal life while testing medical software… – download eBook

[Double eBook] Tester Motivation – the results of a 600 Tester Survey
This eBook by Stuart Reid comprises of three parts. Initially there is a brief list of ten top tips on tester motivation, which summarize the major conclusions of the two detailed white papers that follow… – download eBook

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