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Getting A Great Software Testing Team Together To Do The Job

Reading Time: 1 minute

In this video, I’m commenting some aspects of assembling the ‘perfect’ testing team. In my more than 15 years of experience in the testing profession, I come across a lot of determining factors to get your test team together and to work as fluently and efficiently as possible. I’m sharing my thoughts here with you. Enjoy!


Dominic Maes

Dominic Maes is Senior Test and Quality Assurance Consultant. He has more than 13 years field experience and a proven track record from Test Analyst to Test Manager. He is a respected coach en mentor and a certified trainer with certificates in TMAP®, ISEB (Practitioner level) and Mercury® tooling. His experience in several projects in different business domains has helped him having a clear view on organizing test processes in different environments. He is specialized in testing methodology and test automation and worked as part of the TMap Next® team giving advice and reviewing the authors’ work. He has also trained many people on site in matters of testing and test automation. He is co-founder of the Belgian Testers and often lectures to students and colleagues.

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