Huddle Talk Episode 4: Bart Knaack – The Evolution of the Tester

Huddle are delighted to welcome you to the third episode of the Huddle Talk software testing podcast series. We have decided to launch this podcast series for our community and the wider software testing community as a resource for your testing knowledge.

Huddle Talk will focus on interviews with personalities in the field of software testing. We will have feature interviews discussing our guests story of how they got involved in testing, their work in the field and their thoughts on the topical issues in testing today.

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Huddle Talk Episode 4: Bart Knaack


Our guest on this episode is Bart Knaack. Bart is a long time friend of EuroSTAR  and made his entrance to the test subject after his computer science and doctoral research into formal methods in 1998. He has seen all roles in the field, from test automation to test advisor and test data management specialist.

In his career Bart has spoken at various (inter) national conferences and he has given several guest lectures at high schools and universities, but he has also taught in schools about software development and testing. He spent years in the TestNet events committee and contributed to the organization of the Agile Testing Day NL 2013.

In addition, Bart is co-founder of the TestLab, with which he, together with James Lyndsay, has provided countless conferences and conferences, including several Eurostars

Bart is a go-getter who, with a healthy dose of pragmatics, clarifies the most diverse jobs, even if the path is not yet ready. He is decisive, straightforward and knows how to adapt to the organization of which he is a part. He is ISEB Practitioner certified, Professional Scrum Master I certified and has thorough knowledge of both Tmap, TestFrame, Agile testing, Exploratory testing and Test Driven Development.

In the podcast we chat about:

  • How the testers’ role has evolved.
  • The skills that a tester needs now.
  • The importance of Critical Thinking.
  • The birth of the TestLab.

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