Huddle Talk Episode 2: Paul Gerrard on Skills and Model of Testing

Welcome to the second episode of the Huddle Talk software testing podcast series. We have decided to launch this podcast series for our community and the wider software testing community as a resource for your testing knowledge.

Huddle Talk will focus on interviews with personalities in the field of software testing. We will have feature interviews discussing our guests story of how they got involved in testing, their work in the field and their thoughts on the topical issues in testing today.


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Huddle Talk Episode 2: Paul Gerrard


Our guest on this episode is Paul Gerrard. Paul is the owner of Gerrard Consulting. Paul has over thirty years experience in the software industry and in this podcast we explore his story in testing and lots more including:

  • How He got involved in Testing
  • The New Model of Testing
  • Where is Testing Going
  • What Skills will be essential for Future Testers


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