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    What happens after software is released and a bug is found?

    Who is responsible for the bug? Is it:

    The Developer for writing that code in?

    The Tester for not coming across it?

    Or the whole team?

    Has this happened to you and how does your team resolve it?


    It is the whole team.

    No product or software can be bug free. It is a continuous cycle of development and testing.

    Just as you do not hold a developer responsible for all the bugs found during testing, you do not hold a tester responsible for bugs found after release.


    Though its normal that bugs will occur even after release, if the bug has high severity the testing team will be targeted for that for not doing testing thoroughly.

    It is the responsibility of the test team to find the source of the issue (this part is true) and to take measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again.  For example, if the problem was caused by differences between the test and production environments, the test team should attempt to bring the test environment in alignment with production in order for the issue to be adequately tested.  Here are a few possible causes (not an exhaustive list):

    1) Requirements were not accurate and test cases were written to pass something that should have failed.
    2) Requirements were not complete and test cases did not include something that should have been tested.
    3) Requirements were misinterpreted because they were written unclearly or the tester simply misunderstood them.
    4) Tester didn’t author test case(s) accurately or completely and therefore botched or missed some steps when testing the problematic functionality.
    5) Tester was in a hurry during test execution and rushed through the test case missing some important step(s) that would have uncovered a defect.

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