What user acceptance testing metrics are most crucial to a business?

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    User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is usually the last step in the development cycle before deployment.

    In many ways UAT gains importance the closer it comes to the release date. So what metrics would you consider to be the most vital in User Acceptance testing?


    Metrics are dangerous – one that works in one context, can be dangerous in another context. If i was to decide a general metric it would be regarding the UAT testers being acknowledged

    Anurag khode

    I think test coverage and identified risks against those areas are one of the most critical things in UAT.


    I agree @jesper-lindholt-ottosen with what you are saying but they can be a good guide I think.

    Good suggestions @anurag-khode. Test coverage would the be one of the most vital I think too.


    Test coverage as a metric doesn’t say much. It is always a relative figure and if you can’t explain what the scope is of the coverage, it doesn’t say much. This also means that you haven’t covered anything outside the scope….
    Conclusion: be very carefull with metrics especially when it acceptance concerned. Acceptance is more about trust, for example: a team which build and tested an airplane, let them do the first flight and if they don’t trust it, you know enough….

    the Ard of testing


    Percentage of unresolved high severity defects is another thing to be considered.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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