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    I am trying to understand what testers want to learn more about to see where testing is headed.


    Great topic @sofia-palamarchuk. I’m curious to see where this goes 🙂


    Not exactly testing, but the things I want/need to (re)certify for are CEH and Java(8).

    I do a lot of test automation with Java and I am of the opinion that testers should be able to read and understand code.
    I have witnessed a switch from Java 7 to Java 8 in the projects I work on, so time to update my knowledge.

    CEH needs to be renewed after 3 years and I really want to keep my security certifications.


    I need to increase my knowledge of C# to read and understand my developers code.


    I just spotted this on LinkedIn.. It’s interesting to see how they expect them to change

    Some interesting ones there!


    Python, Ruby, Model Based Testing, Kali Linux

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