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    Robert Strauch

    Having heard a lot of talks and discussions about context-driven testing at the EuroSTAR 2015 in Maastricht I’m now trying to “find” my testing mission.

    What’s yours? Do you have any at all?

    I’d be interested in your testing missions. Not to copy them but to get a glimpse of what other testers around the world think.


    My personal mission – or the company I work for…?

    mine would be something along these lines: Uncovering Better Ways – I have come to value


    Till the date we have carried out lots of test automation projects and it has remained user acceptance or user experience. Even though some test scenarios don’t have direct UI interaction, but still it provides some result at the end which is desired by the User, so the user experience is the primary mission.


    My testing mission would be testing to ensure that the user has a bug-free (as much as possible), user-friendly (and easy to use) application


    Contribute and guarantee, as much as possible, to deliver high quality products to the end user, easy to use, and adding value to the workflow that users performs.

    Aleksandra Kornecka

    Recently I had an occasion to talk in vlog. I said what I believe in: testers missions is making the world a better place 😉


    Delivering high quality products, ensuring to release as much as possible bug-free applications and automating all repetitive manual tests to reduce the effort needed for validation.


    Recently read about a mission:

    Building confidence of the management in the product developed. Confidence that the testing has been sufficient, the quality will satisfy customers and users, and the software is ready to release.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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