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    Does VBscript have a future as an automated test scripting language? Would you recommend any scripting languages in particular?

    Andrei Domuta

    Your question is very good. And, as you may guess, it’s not easy to answer. Because the future for an automated scripting language depends on the tools that the companies decide to use for test automation.
    I think VBScripting is mostly popular because of the HP QTP/UFT. So, if companies decide on not to use the HP tool anymore (one reason would be the high cost), then VBScripting would lose its popularity. I did not take into account the poor capabilities of VBScripting (poor OO, difficult-to-read syntax, poor online helpers and guides, and others)
    So it would make sense to invest in a language that does not depend on a costly tool and which has performs well when developing your scripts (lots of libraries to choose from), as well as when you maintain them – easy-to-read syntax.

    My personal favorite language for test automation at the moment is Ruby. Mainly because it offers the things mentioned above.
    Though I know Java is the most popular one at the moment it may just be like one of those cases when the most popular rock band is not necessarily playing the best rock music 🙂



    I would not recommend any scripting language as such because the best language pretty much depends on the environment you are working in.
    If you work in a Java environment – by all means use Java and use the knowledge and support of the developers.
    If you are in a .NET environment – use C# (VBscript I really can not recommend because of the very limited use you get out of it)
    If you can pick and choose your own stuff Ruby and Python are great.
    Use Cucumber? Ruby, Java and C# are the tools of choice.


    Hi Shannel,

    The answer is related to context. Generally, OOP languages provide advanced technical solutions; each language has a large variety of libraries that can be used and there are good IDEs available to write the code. Selecting one of them depends on the project you are working on: you choose Java if there is a Java project, C# for a .NET environment and so on. The best approach is to integrate the tests with the project by using the same technology the project uses for development. This brings you a good advantage because developers can offer you support for writing your code when necessarily.

    On the other hand, there are companies that use a specific language/technologies to automate tests. HP solutions based on VBScript are very popular among the paid tools and companies use these solution for testing various type of projects. I agree with Andrei and Kasper that VBScript has poorer capabilities compared to OOP and I also not recommend it. On the internet you will not find too much support as you find for OOP. So it is ok to use it only if there are experienced testers with VBScript inside the company and they can offer you support.


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