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    As we all know without high-quality free bug tracking software, observing software bugs is unthinkable. so it is very important to know about its pros and cons before using it. thus please briefly explain the various benefits and limitation of using a bug tracking software?



    I have used Trello, Waffle & JIRA so far and JIRA is the one I am comfortable with always.


    • Product of Altassian
    • Not free
    • Code integration is easy
    • Can be customized based on project needs
    • Supports more application to integrate
    • Easy to maintain large product


    • Great for collaboration
    • Free for unlimited users
    • Simple UI
    • Easy to use
    • Sub Tasks lack features (Like commenting)
    • Can’t get one view of cards across all boards
    • Difficult to maintain a large project


    • Free for public repositories
    • Tight integration with github issues
    • “Done” column, closes the github issue automatically
    • Clean UI
    • Managing large product is difficult
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