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    What are the worst defects that you have come across in well-known websites or softwares or even products?


    I saw some bugs coincidently in Github, they were about:

    – Typo

    – Core features (Login, Create/ Edit/ Delete… Items) is not working.

    Then I used some automation regression tests to verify those in each release’s cycle that were Test complete & Katalon Studio which can help you create test scripts quickly. It was an interesting experience 🙂


    I love to bughunt on JIRA, but apart from performance problems in bigger organizations I see only visual bugs 🙂 From time to time I see the Twitter mobile app stopped working and Gmail, either.


    I have been facing issues with the touch ID (fingerprint lock) for quite some time now on iOS 10.

    If it is not able to scan the fingerprint for the first time, it not able to scan it again at all. Either you need to enter the passcode or cancel and try again

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